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So I will be pushing back the date that I will be opening and officially taking clients. Due to me still being in school I can 100 percent in full confidence say that I will be opening next month around 14th. So April 14th I will be posting my online business to my social media platforms. Im super stoked and excited to meet everyone that’s interested in working with me. And please know that I am sorry for not updating you guys on what’s been happening. Taking care of my almost one year old son plus going to school still and plus not having a lot of sleep is definitely draining plus on top of that family matters. Definitely Draining 🤦🏾‍♀️. But I have to keep telling myself a few more weeks and this will all be over and I get to work with everyone. Also in this post I have decided to not post any quotes or questions or fun facts but in my next one that’s gonna be the first thing in my next blog or post lol. But anyway I hope everyone has a blessed morning.

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