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Hello everyone. I hope that you and your loved ones have had a blessed and good weekend. So I want to address this question that I was asked a few times. No Varela’s Décor & Mor does Not ! Have a store front we are an Online Business 🙂. Also the address that is displayed when you look up the business doesn’t have any affiliation with the online business. I was required to put an address because I wanted to put my business on google. And unfortunately they did not give me a choice unfortunately. Plus I do plan on moving so when you look up the business again don’t mind the address because it has nothing to do with the business itself. Also next week I will be posting fun facts about the business and about myself. Just so the clients who come across the site can have a little more background information on me and the business. Also next week I will be posting “ Getting to know you “ questions so I can get to know my lovely clients. The questions will be simple. For an example one question will be: What is your favorite color.? and in the comment section anyone that goes to my blog page can answer. So I’ll Go first my favorite color is Lavender it’a beautiful it reminds me of elegance and grace and it goes with just about everything also it’s timeless. Also fun fact: Event Planners and Interior Designers are too different things. Interior designers Focus on the designs for your event space and event planners mainly focus on renting the space for your event. My job is Interior Designing meaning Decorating the inside space or outside space for your event however you want it. Also I will be adding Daily Inspirational Quotes aswell. I love to uplift peoples spirits ❤️. Also another fun fact: My son will be one years old next month 😃😊. I’m super stoked 😃🙌🏽. Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful day or night where ever you are and stay safe and blessed but most importantly be a blessing ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

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