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A major part of the philosophy of Varela’s Décor & Mor is that every space, regardless of shape or size, has the potential to become beautiful. Get in touch to find out what Varela’s Décor & Mor can bring to your Special Event. 



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Hello everyone Welcome. My name is Brittany Varela I’m the proud owner of Varela’s Décor&Mor. I specialize in Event planning ( Interior Design &  Decorating). My job is to help everyone achieve their wedding goals whether it’s wanting to make their wedding look Graceful and Elegant, Extravagant and Over the top or simply beautiful all the way around. I also specialize in Gender Reveals , Baby Showers, Quinceañeras, BackYard Parties, Sweet Sixteens, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties for all ages, Bachelorette Parties and More ( Except for Funerals ). My job is to also make sure that all of my customers are happy and satisfied with my work. I never want to leave a customer unhappy or unsatisfied. Also when a customer requests my services I will be giving each of my customers a vision board. This vision board is for the bride or the mother to be to actually see her vision on board before we bring her dream wedding or gender reveal to life. We will be going over the Vision Board through these options below 

1: in person ( I will be wearing my mask. For you it will be optional) 

2: Video chatting through ( facebook or FaceTime).

3: Email or calling ( brittanynicolevedmond@outlook.com ,(336)539-7820) 

Information for how I will work with people who Do & Don’t have Covid: No you don’t have to have the covid shot in order to work with me. I will wear a mask around the people who will want to meet with me in person. Also I do have other options for others who prefer to social distance these options are ( video chatting, or email or calling). I want everyone to feel comfortable. If you feel more safe and comfortable wearing your masks aswell then that’s fine if not that’s also fine. But I will be wearing mine because I do have a son and he’s 9 months. Also I am updated on my vaccination shots ❤️. 

More Important Information: 

Two Rules:” I Do Not” accept nor tolerate any form of Racism. Everyone should be treated with equal respect. My second rule is reserving the right to refuse serving others who are deemed and known to be racist. Family time is a very important aspect of my life. I also will reserve time to spend with my love ones. I will need finalized information for any event at least a month in advance. So I can properly prepare and make arrangements for your event in a timely manner. Although my phone number is available. I will not be taking any customers at this time unfortunately. I will continue to provide information and updates on a regular basis to this website. Pictures will be posted in my Gallery Section. In the meantime, I hope and pray everyone remains safe and I look forward to working with everyone in the near future. 

Ps: I will also include a questionnaire with a link so it will be sent to my personal email so we can look over it together. God bless all of you. 😊



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